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Church of St. Elijiah the Prophet site

This is a beautiful church, exterior simply white with five green domes but interior colorful frescoes from wall to ceiling. The brick exterior is typical of the Yaroslavi style of the period. The frescoes are the most perfectly preserved from 1680. With the help of our local guide, I learned that the frescoes telling the life of Elijah the Prophet...
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Perfect Life clip

She was her 40-year-old mother's eighth child in 13 years, six of whom had died. A year after Elizabeth was born, the poor woman died from exhaustion. The motherless child was sent to live with Aunt Lumb, her mother's sister, in rural Cheshire. There she grew up happily in the loving care of the woman she later called "my more-than-mum2. There were cousins to play with and relatives to cosset her. The inquisitive child took note of country-town life around her. There were, she recalled later, "11 widows of respectability who kept house, besides spinsters innumerable".
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Site of IDeveloper club 2015

And it was true. Married to a minister, bringing up four children, keeping hearth and home, engaging herself in charity, the author of Cranford embodied old-fashioned femininity. From the comfort of that married bliss, she ran a canny eye over the outside world, its quirks and its characters, especially those souls who, unlike her, were without men. She created the town of Cranford - based on Knutsford in Cheshire where she spent the most formative years of her childhood and often returned to as an adult. Now it has been lovingly and scintillatingly brought to life in a BBC1 TV drama, with Dame Judi Dench and Dame Eileen Atkins, on Sunday nights.
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